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Wetland Habitats: What lives in our wetlands?

Online resources showing plants and animals that live in our wetlands.

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Book: Wetland Habitats: What lives in our wetlands?
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1 Types of Wetlands

Wetland Habitats: Types of Wetlands, Weland Plants and Animals

Every page of this book comes from an excellent website dedicated to the wetlands of Hamilton, Ontario. While that may seem a long way from alberta, the wetlands there are quite similar to ours here on the prairies. 

If you wish to click OUT of the book, to view the pages more easily, directly on the web, you can click this link:

Review again the different types of wetlands, studying the images to see if you can see how they are different.

There are some very important trrms used on this page. Pay attention to the discussion of 'emergent' and 'submergent' plants. You will need to know  what those words mean and be able to give examples of those tyes of plants, and tell what makes them different from each other.

2 Wetland Zones

Study these images to learn about the different ZONES within a wetland:

Note that different terminology will be used by different groups.

The aquatic zone can be further divided into the 'submergent' and floating zones.

Note that the Riparian zone (which lies above the high water line)  is sometiems further divided into shrub, and wet-meadow zones.

This graphic was copies off the internet and is diffecult to read. Below is an enlargemeent that may help you see the small print better:

grasses, ? ,  rushes, sedges,                                                                                         bullrush, cattail,       willow, aspen, cottonwood, ?, conifers

                   mud flats, pondweed, water lily             High Water Line             coontail,                     sedges, rushes,                        

                                                                                               Low Water Line  

3 Wetland Plants

Skim through this webpage to learn about some of the plant life in our wetlands:

4 Images

These images show what plants and animals live in the different zones of a wetland:

The following images come from Wetlands  Alberta website:

Wetland Creatures

Wetlands provide important habitat for Alberta’s wildlife. From microscopic organisms to birds and mammals – some are born and live out their entire lives in wetlands – others spend only part of each day or a part of their life there. But regardless of how much time they spend there, wetlands are crucial to all.

Here are just a few of the critters you might see at an Alberta wetland:

mallardmuskratcanadagoosedamselflyyellowheadblackbirdsnailmooseshrimpheronleopardfrogbeaverwaterboatmanpintail pairwhite tail deercoyote

These cross-sections show where different types of animals and plants live, within the zones of a wetland:

This one shows a  wetland that might be seen anywhere in Canada:

This would be simlar to our northern wetland but not exactly the same:

This image shows a coastal wetland from southern USA:

5 Wetland Animals

There is a lot of good infromation here, so read this carefully!

6 Wetlands and Climate

Wetlands and climate? How are they connected? Surely they can't possibly have an effect on our climate? But wait - read on to find out how they actually do!