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HLAT Preparation

The HLAT is a reading and writing exam that all EPSB students in grades 1-9 are expected to write.

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Book: HLAT Preparation
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Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 8:32 PM

1 HLAT Exam

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The HLAT exam stands for the Highest Level of Achievement Test. It is an Edmonton Public Schools exam given each year from grades 1-9 to measure a student's growth in reading and writing. Based on your reading exam, you will be given your reading grade level--ideally you will have a grade 7 reading level since you are in grade 7. Your writing prompt will also be evaluated for grade level as well as quality level (excellent, proficient, adequate or limited). For example, a typical grade 7 student will score at a grade 7-adequate grade level.

The exam is on April 24 with the writing portion at 10:00 and the reading portion in the afternoon. On the following pages, you will find practice materials for both the reading and the writing exam.

2 Writing Portion

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Writing Prompt

On the day of the HLAT exam, you will log into an E-live at 10:00. The writing prompt will be shared with you then. As a group, we will brainstorm and discuss possible approaches to the writing prompt. Then you will be given a link to download the writing prompt from Moodle. You will have 45 minutes to work on the writing before you upload your work.

The completed writing prompt will include a plan, the writing and a reflection. Like the midterm exam, it is understood that you will not have a perfectly polished piece of writing. Use any remaining time you have to revise and edit so that you hand in your best possible sample of writing given the time constraints.


Go to the HLAT site to take the practice writing exam.  You do not need to hand this in--it is for your own practice.  Use the password: seven.

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Want More Practice?

Click below for a sample HLAT writing test that you can use to practice.

link to practice exam

Grade 7 Writing Standards

Below is a list of traits that are expected in grade 7 level writing.

gr 7 criteria

3 Reading Portion

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Reading Comprehension
On the afternoon of the HLAT, you will take a reading comprehension test. You will be given a series of reading passages including stories, articles, plays and poetry. The test is multiple choice. Take your time to read carefully and don't forget to employ your reading strategies.

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Reading Practice

Go to the HLAT Moodle website to take the practice reading comprehension test.  When prompted for an enrollment key, use the password: seven

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Want More Practice?

Go to for practice reading comprehension tests. The log in credentials are:

username: argyllstudent
password: argyllcentre

link to practice exam

As well, you will find a practice HLAT exam in Quizzone and under the Resources tab in Schoolzone.

4 HLAT Exam Results

Your reading and writing grade level will be sent to the school board. At the same time, your HLAT exam will also be used as your final exam for Language Arts so that you won't have to write an additional test in June. As a final exam, your HLAT will be marked using the same rubrics as the midterm:


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